Christmas 2006

Christmas this year is much better than last year’s Christmas. It’s because Zoe is a year older now, and she already gets excited when someone hands her a gift. There was just a point when my husband and I felt quite sad on Christmas Eve. Last year, we had a festive gathering on the night before Christmas. My sister-in-law and her family went to our house (JE,Zoe and I live with JE’s parents for 2.5 years now…Of course, we wanted our own space, but we don’t have money yet). They celebrated the night with us. This year, their family went to Macau to spend their Christmas there. So, who’s left in our house? It’s just the six of us (JE,Zoe,in-laws,nephew and I). It was quite sad that my in-laws didn’t prepare very well. There were no food that were ready to eat on the table; there was just a box of Cassava cake from JE’s uncle. My mother-in-law (MIL) told me to cook ham if we wanted to eat. It seemed they’re not interested in celebrating Christmas Eve with us. They went to their room, preparing to go to bed without greeting my family a “Merry Christmas!” Quite sad, huh?

Good thing, my husband still had the spirit of Christmas Eve in his heart. He asked me to cook ham, and to get bread and mayo. We waited for the clock to strike 12:00 , then we greeted each other and opened our simple presents. Zoe was asleep already at that time, we didn’t wake her up, we know she’s tired already. We tried to let her open her gifts before she went to bed, but she’s so grumpy and whiny already, I let her have her beauty rest. While eating our simple ham sandwich, we watched our new VCD (but it was bought so many weeks ago), “Lost in Translation”. I didn’t finish the movie, I was so sleepy. JE tried to finish it, but also not successful. That’s how we welcomed the Christmas day.

It’s our family posing for a pic 2 hours before Christmas.