My first certain decision for this year

I am scheduled for an interview at De La Salle Canlubang today. A girl from DLSC sent me a text message last Friday regarding my interview. I thought that I want to come, so I asked her to move it since I have an afternoon class today. But then, I decided not to go tomorrow (she moved it to Tuesday). I’ve sent her an email about my application withdrawal.

I am certain about this decision.

Spending our afternoon at NAIA

Kuya Eniel went back to Dubai today. Zoe and I went with my parents to bring him to the airport.

Due to delayed arrival of Ninong Darwin, I told them that we will not go with them anymore. But they want Zoe to be there, and when I asked her if she wanted to come, she said yes. So, do I have any choice? I said okay… and as a result, we spent the whole afternoon at the airport, but it’s okay. At least, my daughter had a chance to bond with my niece and cousins.

Bonding between Zoe and Mommy the whole day

JE went home late last night. Actually, he arrived at 2:oo this morning.

Natural scenario happened. Zoe and I spent the whole day together playing. My husband was sleepy for most part of the day, but it’s okay. I expect that. I guess that’s part of the package. When we agreed that Friday night is his beer night, I should expect this kind of result.

The disturbing part of the day is when we had an argument on working abroad. He mentioned something such as what will happen to his comics when he goes to other country. Honestly speaking, I don’t want that. I can not bear to live a day without seeing him and hugging him before I go to sleep. I just wish that we’ll always be together in raising our child and future children.

Just don’t tell it to her….

I didn’t go to DLSU today. I spent the whole day with Zoe. I was planning to leave her at Nanay’s place in the morning, but she won’t let me go, so I let her sleep first (afternoon nap). She’s knocked out by 2:00 PM.

I went to our house to surf the net.

I had a chat with the wife of my brother-in-law. She told me about how she’s hurting. How their situation is really causing her much pain. I wish I can tell her everything I know….. but I don’t want to be the one to break their marriage.


Nothing much happened this day. I went to my Orglab class and then we went home. But before that, there is the highlight of my day. We ate a YELLOWCAB pizza! (yummy!) We got a 14″ New York’s Finest pizza.

JE and I always enjoy eating at this pizza parlor. The aroma and delectable taste is really excellent!
We were so full by the time we had 7 slices (JE ate 4, and I had 3). Our stomachs were not able to handle the last one, so we just brought it home.

You know what’s funny when we arrived at our house? There’s pizza waiting for us! The husband of my sister-in-law brought home some from Pizza Hut. It’s quite unusual for a day. Two pizza treats!

I declare this day a PIZZA Day! 🙂