Why only now have I done this trick?!

JE’s so exhausted from yesterday’s trip. He was not able to wake up early for his work, so he just declared it a half day work.

My day is fine, nothing grand happened today. I’ve discovered one thing in my job though. That is, I can finish the papers to be checked while the students are doing their experiment. That way, I will not have any papers to bring home. 🙂

Trip to Chinabank without extra money

It’s JA’s 4th birthday today. JE and I went to see them at Chinabank Quezon City. Actually, we’re supposed to meet them at Trinoma, but since they’re still at the bank when we arrived at the said mall, Kristin asked us if we can just go to Chinabank so our time won’t be wasted. We don’t have extra money, so we were quite hesitant to go there. Good thing, our money in our wallets were enough for the taxi fare (back & forth)! 🙂

KC and JA are so cute!

Will you please listen first?!

The start of my week is fine, but my Monday class is not so enjoyable. I like the class, but most of them don’t want to listen in my discussion. They’re so eager to start to finish the lab session early. I guess it’s better if I don’t do a pre-lab discussion anymore. But if I don’t do that, they won’t know what to do.

Zoe’s so happy with the goodies that I’ve bought for her birthday party.

My favorite shopping place and the triple birthday dinner

I went to Divisoria to buy cheap goodies for Zoe’s birthday. I’ve bought stuffs that are contained in two large plastic bags! I really like it when I go there, because they have very cheap things!

I also attended a dinner with my college friends. It’s for JB, Steph, and Shar’s birthday. I think I can say that I had fun.

Should I try this tutorial job? It’s really far from our place……

I’ve sent an email to ACTS today. It contains my explanation on why I did not make it to the scheduled exam and interview yesterday. I got a reply after a few hours. They still want me to try the job. The managing director is telling me that this thing is for the summer and since I will not have teaching load during this time, this job will help me to get through summer financially. Should I try it? Hmmm….