How to Survive Your First Week in PISAY (Philippine Science High School/PSHS)

So, you got in the Philippine Science High School or more commonly known as “Pisay.” Congrats! Getting in Pisay is no easy feat as thousands of students apply each year and give it their best. But, no matter how prepared you think you are, the first week will hit you hard—I speak from experience. Especially if you are an intern, the first week would be really difficult.

During the first day, a few hours after my family left and I was left with my new roommates, I felt very lonely. I diagnosed myself as homesick. I became so cranky and sulky at around 8pm on the first day that I just lied down on the bed and scrolled through my phone. Here’s advice for future interns: call your family before you sleep everyday. It would help you cope with homesickness. And don’t let homesickness get to you that much! Socialize with you new roommates or explore your new dorm—just don’t go to restricted areas and bring one person with you.

On the second day, we got to know each other more. We had team-building activities the whole day. Academic subjects or “acads” usually start on the third day. During the second day, I suggest that you get to know your batch mates. They will be your family away from home for 6 years. Try to talk to everyone you see on this day.

On the third day, Wednesday, the acads start. You will be meeting your grade 7 teachers on this day, and they will give out brochures that state what you will need in their class for this school year. Not only will you be meeting your teachers, but some of you teachers will start discussions already. This will give you the chance to adjust to their classes.

On the fourth and fifth day, it will be full out discussions. There you go! It’s officially the start of the school year!

I know you feel pressured right now, but have fun! I mean, you are going to a school that has high standards and expectation, but always remember to have fun. Be serious about your studies but don’t be too serious. Unwind! Play volleyball with your new friends, or just chat with them. It’s also alright to spend some time alone if you want to. Have a little “me time.”

Good luck on your Pisay journey!

Set a goal and work hard to achieve it.

And always remember to have fun!

*Credit: The photo on top was taken from Pisay CALABARZON’s website.

(Written by: Ate Bubut)

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  1. Hey! Thank you so much for this, I’m an upcoming PSHS-CBZRC student school year 2024-2025 and really needed to know what the first week felt like. This makes me scared about the first week as I have separation anxiety and would often worry without my parents. But this really gave me a heads up on the upcoming life I have ahead of me. Thank you again!

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