Violet Evergarden

I started watching Violet Evergarden in February 2018, when it was just released weeks ago. I was browsing Netflix on a Sunday evening, mentally distracting myself from the fact that the next day was a Monday. And suddenly, I come across Violet Evergarden. Of course I was intrigued by the trailer! I loved historical animes with strong female leads and the trailer was so beautiful that I had to watch the anime. I didn’t expect to get so hooked on the anime.

Come Monday afternoon, I watched the rest of the available episodes, as it was still ongoing. While watching I would be seen with a Nutella jar and a spoon, eating Nutella while crying over the episodes. I didn’t expect it to be so emotional! Especially with the scene parts with Violet and Gilbert. Of course I had to get emotionally attached to a character who was MIA! (SPOILER: He’s not dead yet! According to the novel and he might make an entrance in the movie coming next month.) Honestly, I’ve shed so much tears in my Violet Evergarden journey.

I love how the anime portrays the tragedy and the aftermath of war. It just portrays the happy and sad moment in and after the war so perfectly. The anime also discussed the stages of grief (See: Episode 8-10 and other filler episodes.) so perfectly that it portrays the emotions a person goes through these stages accurately. Of course it also gave light to many other social issues like discrimination, poverty, and more.

The anime was such an eye-opener to it’s audience that it got so many people hooked on it. And if you’re looking for an anime that has action, a strong female lead, letter-writing, and emotional discussions- then this is the anime for you! I strongly recommend this anime to anyone who is interested in anime recommendations, and I hope you enjoy watching it. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Image: Kyoto Animations

5 tips on Staying Awake at Night

(Tips from a pro.)

From a “Baby Thesis” to studying for tests, I’ve pulled all-nighters lots of times in my life. Sometimes just for anime or k-drama marathons! So, here are some tips on how to stay up all night!

1.) Stretch from time-to-time!

One of the most effective ways that I’ve come across while trying to stay awake! Every after 30 minutes, I would do simple stretches for about 2-5 minutes. There are actually studies that states that stretching actually wakes up your body and improves thinking!

2.) Consume caffeine early in the night.

Studies state that a cup of coffee’s effects usually show after 10-15 minutes but the “peak” shows after 45 minutes. Not only that but even after 6 hours your body has only used about 50% of the caffeine that you’ve consumed. When I know that I’ll stay awake all night, I always consume caffeine at around 10pm. It helps me stay awake and alert!

3.) Consume sugar!

Like coffee and tea, consuming snacks that have sugar keeps me energized! After consuming it, I always seem to feel so energetic! Honestly, this is the trick that I always do every time I pull an all-nighter. I can skip caffeine or stretching, just not this.

4.) Maintain good posture.

If you’re pulling an all-nighter to do some school stuff I highly suggest that you sit up straight and maintain good posture. Honestly, this works wonders. When I do this my mind is clearer and the sleepiness goes away.


Never, I repeat, never lie down! On a couch or bed, avoid lying down at all costs. I speak from experience, I promise. Every time I would lie down anywhere, I would fall asleep in a few minutes. Be strong! Resist the call of the bed (couch)!


You can do this! Stay awake! :))

“Viajero” Summary

By F. Sionil Jose

Viajero is a story about a young man figuring out his identity as a countryman. The story begins in the 1940s with Badong, an orphan in the Philippines. He was found by Apo Tale, who soon adopted him as his grandson after their meeting. Mayang, Apo Tale’s blind daughter became his Mother. Badong would soon adopt the name Salvador dela Raza which means “savior of the Filipino Race” in Spanish.

After a while, Japanese men barged in their home in the middle of the night, causing Badong to escape, and was found by Captain James Wack. Badong was taken in by James Wack and soon adopted him: Badong’s name was changed to Buddy Wack. James Wack wife’s name was Roxanne, and they had a daughter-Jessica.

Roxanne was mugged and killed in an alley in East Oakland by a bunch of Negroes, one day. Leaving James Wack with two children to raise on his own. 

Buddy fell in love with Serena, an East Asian. Both had a passion for history. But their love was forbidden, for Serena was about to marry someone through an arranged marriage by her parents

In Viajero, after losing the love of his life, Buddy journeys to the Philippines, where he meets Jose Samson, to learn more about the culture of the Philippines and to figure out how important the history of one’s country is to a person.

The book ends with Buddy confident about his identity and knowledgeable on the history of the Philippines. It ends with Buddy reminiscing on the events that took place in the Philippines in the 1940s. It ends with Buddy feeling content with what he has learned. It ends with. Buddy and James Wack.


Isang sanaysay tungkol sa Balut.


Ang tao ay may “5 senses”: ang pang-amoy, pang-lasa, pang-hawak, pang-kinig at ang pang-tingin. Sa sanaysay na ito ay tatalakayin ko kung anu-ano ang mga naaalala ko sa “Balut” kapag ito ay ginamitan ko ng aking “5 senses”.

Ano nga ba ang Balut? Ang Balut ay isang pagkaing Filipino, ito ay ang  nilagang itlog ng itik na pinaniniwalaan na pampalakas ng katawan. Ito ay karaniwang kinakain sa mga inuman at maari rin iterno sa sitsaron.

Kapag ako ay nakakatikim ng Balut, aking naaalala ay ang masarap na sabaw na niluluto ng aking lola, isang sabaw na siya lang ang marunong gumawa. Ang lasa, masarap kapag may kahalong suka, ngunit maari rin itong kainin kahit walang suka. Isa pang kagat, aking naaalala ang mga araw ng aking kabataan kung saan nakikipaglaro ako sa aking mga pinsan, at kakain ng Balut para sa merienda. Ang mga tawa namin at ang kakaibang lasa ng sisiw ng Balut. 

Ang aking mga mata, kapag aking nakikita ang Balut, napapaluha. Naaalala ko ang aking lolo na pumanaw na, ang Balut ay isa sa kanyang paboritong pagkain. Maaalala ko ang kanyang tawa kapag kumakain siya na Balut, ang kanyang mg hirit, “Balut, balut! Tara, kainan na!” Ako’y talagang napapaluha kapag nakakakita ng isang Balut.

Kapag ako’y naka amoy ng isang Balut, ako’y napapalaway, dahil sa “aroma” nito. Ako’y nagugutom kapag nakakaamoy ng Balut, kahit kakakain ko lang. Anuman mangyari, ako’y laging magugutom kapag ako’y naka amoy ng Balut.

Para sa akin, ang Balut ay isang bagay na malapit sa aking puso. Pagkain lamang ito, ngunit maraming alaala ang dala nito. Sa amoy, sa lasa, sa itsura, marami ang aking maaalala. Hinding-hindi ako magsasawa  sa Balut sapagkat masyado malaki ang halaga nito para sa akin. Muli, ang Balut ay masarap, wag mong kakalimutan ‘yon.

“My Motherland”

(A poem I wrote for English 2 when I was still in Pisay)

Philippines, my motherland

I’ve always loved you,

The sweet melodies that speak for you,

Singing of bravery and love

Yet, the unsung songs of war and suffering are beginning to unravel,

Showing the true nature of the apple of you tree


Once a land of freedom and chivalry,

Lost when the people of the west came one by one

Datus, taken down by the bite of the sword and the cross,

The cries of the lost children echoing in the silent night


Philippines, cries were as loud as the booming thunder,

Which became louder as the mighty knight who represents you was exiled,

A man whom I idolized, shot by his countrymen,

But your saddened cries were replaced with hopeful cheers

As you saw Bonifacio uniting your people under multiple flags,

Flags that soon become one


It seemed like the Lady of Justice was finally upon us,

But people of the west and east kept coming,

But my mother, my dear mother,

Do not worry, for we won in the end


Philippines, thy mother,

Are you pleased with your children?

Whom, over time have become so full of hate and vengeance?

Answer me, please thy mother,

Are you succumbing to the pressure?


Mother, please forgive us,

For we have sinned.

(Featured Picture taken in Bangkong Kahoy in 2019.)