I’m in love with Mommy!

“I’m in love with Mommy!”

These were bunso’s words late last year. Yes, this happened in 2017. 
I just saw this draft, and I realized I haven’t finished this post yet.
I’ll try my best to recall this moment.
It happened when we were inside our car. My husband was teasing number two about being so quiet as we were traveling. He said, “Baka may pinagdadaanan.” Then he added, “Baka inlove.” We knew that time that he has a crush in Sophie, his gr3 classmate. Then number two answered, “I’m not in love.” Bunso quickly responded with “You’re not in love? You’re not in love with Mommy? Me, I’m in love with Mommy!”
Hearing bunso’s words are music to my ears. I’m enjoying this stage as much as I can because I know this stage will not last forever. I know that there will come a time when he will be saying he’s in love with a girl who’s not me. I’m aware it’s still a long way to go before that happens. Thus, I would like to savor each and every moment my kids, especially the boys, are saying sweet things to me.
Thank you, Lord, for my babies! 🙂