My 25th Birthday

We we’re planning to go to Tagaytay for my birthday this year. Take some pictures at People’s Park and eat some burgers at Mushroom Burger. Unfortunately, the weather told us that it’s not a good idea to go there. So, we settled for the nearest establishment….Festival, Alabang. There are so many people having Christmas rush. Good thing, we’re done with our Christmas shopping. We first went to Starbucks for a coffee treat, but since I’m pregnant I just had a Chocolate cream frap. Then we had a fulfilling dinner at Giligan’s, wherein we ordered foods that are good for four (that is, including Zach in this count 🙂 ). As expected, we didn’t finish all the food, so we had to bring them home. We always enjoy eating sisig there (the best sisig ever!).

After eating like we have never eaten for one day, we decided to take a stroll at the mall to digest some foods inside our big tummies. Nothing much happened after that, because we just walked and bought a book for Zoe. She’s so cute to look at everytime we go to a bookstore. I’m just glad we introduced her to books at an early age.

Now that I’m 25, I can’t help feeling old. At 25, I will have two children, wow! I have a girl, and I will have a boy on April. I feel so content and happy! Next year, I will be celebrating my 26th birthday with Zach and Zoe by my side, of course my hubby will be there. 🙂

Yey! I’m done with wrapping Christmas presents!

Just finished wrapping our Christmas presents. Whew! I have extra abaca wrappers and some ribbons, so I decided to use them for this year’s gifts. It looks like I’m giving away wedding invitations, don’t you think? Anyway, I do hope the people who’ll receive these presents will be happy with the presentation and with what’s inside. I’m so excited to give these nicely-wrapped presents!

Top 5 Gifts to Give My Daughter this Christmas

Today is December 17, 20008 and we are only 8 days away from Christmas. Are you still thinking about what to give to your daughter? Well, I am. My three-year old is asking for so many things this Christmas, and I don’t know which one to choose. So I made a list of the the top 5 gifts that I can wrap for her this season. Here it goes…

Top 5 Gifts to give my daughter this Christmas:

1. Barbie My House
This is number one on my list because she has a lot of Barbie dolls already, and since I saw her playing with her cousin’s doll house the other day I thought it would be nice if she will get one for herself this Christmas. I saw several pictures of this set and I can say that the accessories are great! A must-have for every girl!

2. Littlest Pet Shop Tail Waggin Fitness Club Playset
This comes number two on my list because I saw her face when she has seen the commercial on TV. I saw her face light up every time the ad is repeated. This playset comes with cute puppies that she can play with, without the hassles of pet poop messing around the house.

3. Barbie Diamond Castle doll
My daughter loves the latest Barbie movie, “The Diamond Castle”. Barbie plays the role of Liana and her friend Teresa plays the role of Alexa. Both characters are available already, and if you buy them together you’d be amazed because the sing together.

4. Bratz designed by
If your daughter is a fan of Bratz, this would be a nice present for her. You can choose from the dolls designed by Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha. Each comes with funky and stylish clothes that your child can play with.

5. Polly Pocket Fashion Frenzy Super Set
This set comes in 62 pieces. Not advisable to give to very small children, for the pieces are very small. It would be perfect for your pre-schooler because the set has 7 small dolls and several outfits that they could try on.

There you go. The list is for girls only, but if you have a boy, there are so many toys available online that you can choose from.

Enjoy searching for the perfect gift to your child. Happy holidays!

Zoe’s Bratz World Tour 2008

We were lucky enough to have a free ticket for the Bratz World Tour 2008. How did we get this? Last month, we went to a toy convention in Makati, and Zoe got to see his Ninong there. (Thanks, Mike!) He gave Zoe money to buy some toys. Since another relative gave her money the other week, we just add them up to be able to buy one Bratz doll. Zoe’s been begging us to buy her one since she saw her cousin’s Bratz doll… and we found ourselves inside Toy Kingdom looking at those dolls. Personally, I don’t like them because of their pouty lips and the head is so unproportioned! But my daughter wants to have one (this is her first, by the way), so we bought her a Cloe doll from the Costume Party series. We got a free ticket for the Bratz World Tour when we paid for the doll.

So, that’s how we got Zoe’s ticket. Then, December 6 comes, and Zoe’s just too excited to get to SM Mall of Asia. Even if it’s time for her nap, she tried so hard to stay awake. When we get there, we’re given a number for the hair and make up part, so we have to wait for a while. She played with the available dolls in the play area to avoid boredom while waiting. When our number was called, she was so eager to have her hair and make up done that I didn’t have to convince her to sit there. She kept on looking at the mirror while the stylist works her magic on her. After the hair and make up part, we went to look for a costume for the pictorial. Most of the clothes are black, white, and dark pink. Just by looking at their colors and sizes, I can tell that they won’t look good at Zoe. Fortunately, a girl who just had her picture taken passed by, and then I saw the perfect outfit for Zoe! A golden dress for a goddess! After looking for a dress for quite a while, we finally saw the outfit that would really look good on her (in terms of size and color). So, Zoe tried it on and it looked so fantastic on her! The hair and make up is done, the perfect costume is found, now it’s time for the pictorial. As she walked on the stage, I could tell that she’s too sleepy to do this picture taking. I asked her to smile, but she did this when the photographer has taken her picture already. As a result, her printed photo shows a girl who’s not so happy with her looks. (It’s as if her mommy forced her to do it!) Luckily, I was able to take some photos using my camera right before she got very sleepy. I was also able to take one photo of her on stage, but it’s quite blurry (from excessive shaking, I guess). I edited two of her photos, and I came up with the photo above. (Thank you, mutsie, for your very nice banner brushes:-))