SUPERMANILA at The Podium Mall

On a Saturday morning, it’s usually hard to wake the kids up, knowing it’s a weekend. But today, October 19, 2019, it was a breeze! Everybody’s excited to go to SUPERMANILA!

We left home at around 8:30 AM. Didn’t want to be stuck in heavy traffic. We arrived at The Podium at around 11:30 AM. After parking Vanza, we had lunch at Megamall food court. How I missed World Chicken’s pesto pasta!❤

After our yummy lunch, we went back to The Podium to go to my husband’s most-awaited event. We bought tickets, which costs P150 each (kids 8 years old and below are free–yay!).

Good thing, it was a kid-friendly event. While my husband was lining up for his favorite artists to sign his comics, the boys were playing Lego. Yes, Lego had a booth there. 🙂 There was also a wall of Whilce Portacio’s earlier works printed on a tarpaulin for the kids to color. Pilot was there to promote their markers. What a great idea!

There was a section dedicated to Funko Pops, which were on sale (20% off). My youngest kept on asking for a Spiderman Funko, and my husband was eyeing the glow-in-the-dark Phoenix. So naturally when the gang went to that section, they bought Funko Pops. The power of the card! I kept on thinking what happened to my pep talk about “no buying when we get there”? Whew! Oh well, I just told myself this does not happen all the time. They just wanted to maximize the opportunity while we’re there. So they got characters from Fortnite, a Venomized Captain America, golden Iron Man, and the glow-in-the dark Phoenix. The golden Iron Man was free because they got so many that they were able to avail of the promo to get one free.

The little ones played with their Funko Pops while my husband was waiting in line for Whilce Portacio’s and Leinil Yu’s autographs on his comics.

The boys and I went out for a while to have a drink. There was no food court at The Podium but expensive restaurants….haayy….. So we settled with the Coffeebean and Tea Leaf’s