Toy Crazy Zoe

The pictures above were taken two weeks ago when we watched Narnia. As usual, my husband went inside a toy store. While waiting, Zoe noticed the toys at the display window. Every time we go to this store, she’s always saying “Mommy, can you buy me those pink accessories for my Barbie dolls?” Then I will say, “May be next time, baby.”

Bon Voyage Lelyn!

Today is the day that our friend, Glen Lelyn Quan, is going to leave for Japan. She will work there and who knows when she’ll be going back to the Philippines?!

I will miss her, and I know that most of our friends will miss her, too. This girl is someone you can always count on. Behind her demure way of showing her feminism is a very strong personality that is influential to everybody she meets. I know that the Japanese people who’ll get to know her will notice that, too.

Go Lel! Make your mark in Japan, but do not forget to go back home every six months? or every year?

Just keep us posted:)

Astral Dreamy ZOE

I made this photo last month using the Astral Flora brushes from brusheezy.

I got so excited about this set of brushes that I did not think of a better way of using them.

I will practice on this one.

To achieve the coloration used in my photo, please follow these steps (made by luciferous-glow):

1: Make a layer with a black background.
2: Make a new layer that is blank.
3: On this blank layer use the brushes in white.
4: Make a new layer, set the blending mode to Overlay.
5: Using soft round brushes of different sizes and colors, paint into this layer and you will the color show up over the flora brushes on the layer beneath.

To make the colors brighter, duplicate or copy the layer with the bright colors, or set the blending mode to Hard Light.