New year…I should be up for a fresh start

It’s the third day of the year 2007. Would it be a good day? Would 2007 be a good year for me and my family? Hope everything goes well for the three of us and for the rest of our relatives.

I was not able to talk about how we spent our New Year’s Eve. Well, here it goes…

We went to my uncle’s house on December 31, because my parents requested that our family spend the year-end celebration with them in Batangas. I would say the event was better than our Christmas Eve celebration. I am not saying this because the latter was spent with my in-laws. It’s better because there were a larger number of people in Batangas whom we’ve spent the evening. There were my parents, brother, cousins, uncle and tita. Plus, I got to visit the remaining brother and sisters of my beloved lola. I wish them good health and longer life. Another thing that happened there was we had the chance to chat with my brother in Korea and my another brother and sis-in-law in Dubai. We even saw them through the newly-bought webcam of my cousin (courtesy of JE and I). It was nice to see them again:) It felt good to have a chit-chat with my siblings once in a while. But I do admit, it’s much better to just have a chat using keyboard than to use the headphone. Well, it’s because there comes a time when the conversation stops and its quite awkward to just be there and say nothing than “ah” and “okay” (JE agrees with me on this one). I guess I’m not that talkative.

One more thing that happened on the last day of 2006 was Zoe fell down while running around Ninong Nitoy’s house. She got a bleeding lips when I saw her. It was not a very nice scene to look at. My poor baby… Plus, after an hour or two, I saw some wounds on her cheek, nose and leg. I guess it is just normal for a child to experience something like that in her life. At least now, she would be more careful (hopefully!).

On January 1, 2007, we spent the day running around (running after Zoe), eating crispy fried pork, singing using the “Magic sing” microphone, and catching up with siblings & friends using the internet. When Kuya Wen (my eldest brother who went home from Dubai–it’s just for the holidays) arrived after spending some time with his girlfriend, we started to place our baggage inside the van and prepare to leave. At around 8PM, we arrived at my in-laws house (my MIL was watching TV when we entered the house; my FIL was out spending some time with his friends). We told her some of the things that happened in Batangas. She mentioned that my bro-in-law’s wife, with her son and relatives dropped by to say hi and bring some gifts. They left a gift for Zoe, a set of eggs with shape sorter feature. Zoe likes it:) It’s just bothering me that we were not able to give Zoe’s gift for JA(my BIL’s son). During the Christmas, I thought he will not be able to pay us a visit, so I decided to give the gift (red car) for him to my husband’s other nephew Enrique. Then, I opened the original gift for Enrique (green car) and gave it to Zoe because she’s been eyeing that car when we were wrapping the gifts. Good thing, JA got hold of the green car when they dropped by on Jan.1, played with it and brought it home with him. At least it looks like that’s our gift for him, though it’s not wrapped. We’ll just buy something for him on his upcoming birthday.

All in all, our year-end celebration is fun. I hope this 2007 will be good to us. I should catch up on my astrology readings. I should know the description of “year of the pig”. I should know what’s in store for us in the year 2007… that’s what Tita Rose has said to JE and I. 🙂

Note: You can check out our pics in here.

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