Zoe rocks!

I feel guilty for I haven’t posted an entry for almost 2 weeks. One of my resolutions is to have an entry on a daily basis. This blog would be my journal. But due to a stack of pile of things to do, I can’t wok on that resolution. I wanted to blog on POPs, music, books, but I wasn’t able to do all that for the past days. I will just make up today.

My memory of the past contains the following:

1) My husband has bought a pink guitar for our baby Zoe.

His niece doesn’t want to lend her guitar to Zoe, so my poor baby cried and cried. JE and I told Zoe that we’ll just buy her a guitar when JE got his salary. So, when pay day came, he rushed into the nearest department store to keep his promise. The guitar that Zoe liked is the one with different shapes in it and a colorful one, but JE has bought a guitar with strings! I was a bit doubtful if Zoe will like the pink guitar. But eventually, she liked it, too. We took really cute pics of Zoe holding her new guitar. One of the pics is shown above. My baby really rocks!

2) JE has bought a guitar.

We’ve been planning to buy a new guitar for so many months, and last week, this plan has been implemented. I’m happy for this purchase, because JE liked the idea of having a new guitar, and now that he has it already, he’s much happier than I thought he would be.

3) I’ve finished reading John Grisham’s “The Rainmaker

It’s kind of funny to know that I’ve read this book just now. I’ve watched the movie before, but I haven’t read the book. While searching for a novel to read at our library, I came across this one. Since the story is more complete in a book, I gave it a shot. What happened after reading it? Well, I’ve had a more complete picture of the story, for I got more details. Plus, I got inspired by Rudy Baylor’s character. If you will recall, he’s the most unlucky man at the beginning of the novel, but then he didn’t lose hope. He continued to do what needs to be done, and by doing so, he found a job, then put up his own firm, and got a 50 million dollars verdict! But at the end, he realized that he doesn’t want to be a lawyer anymore, he just want to go away from Memphis and live a simple but quiet life with her new-found girl, Kelly.

John Grisham is an excellent writer on thrilling stories about lawyers and law (legal thrillers). I enjoyed watching the movie, but reading the book to which it was based is a more fulfilling experience (I guess that’s always the case). To those who have watched the movie, but haven’t read the book, I encourage you to do what I did, read the book! It’s more satisfying and enjoyable.

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