A long list of things to do

I had my second exam in Inorganic Chemistry today, it was really long!

Today’s a very busy day. I called up so many people and went to so many places. I am so tired…

Also today, I just got this news from my thesis adviser that she’s going to Australia on April and she’ll go back next year. Oh no! I need to finish my research before the term ends! If not, I’ll be left hanging on the air, and I don’t want that. There’s another thing that I’m worried about… I signed up for the Chemistry Congress on April, because my adviser wants me to. I registered today, but I wasn’t able to pass the required extended abstract, because I don’t have the results yet:( I just hope the technical team of the Chem Congress will give me an extension.

I want to sleep already, it’s 12:24 a.m., but just by looking at my long list of things to do, I know sleeping is not a good idea.

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