Subic Escapade

Zoe and I joined the annual faculty outing of the DLSU Faculty Association. The outing was done at Subic, Philippines. It was a two-day summer adventure. There are lots of activities, and it seemed that all of those are jam-packed in just two days. As a result, everyone was rushing to finish an activity and prepare for the next one. But even if this was the case, I still enjoyed the event, because I saw that Zoë had a great time there.

Unforgettable moments:

1) Zoë puked on my shirt when we were on our way to Subic.

2) Zoë made poop when we were to enter the Ocean Adventure, and I left our bag inside the bus because snacks and drinks are not allowed inside the establishment. So, I did not have a diaper with me…hahaha.. Zoë had no underwear for the entire stay at the Ocean Adventure….I’m just glad it’s over, and she listened to me not to pee during that time…whew!

3) Zoe had fun at the Dolphin show; she didn’t like the Sea lion show.

4) We had fun at the Zoobic Safari. The close encounter with the tigers is really scary. Though they’re inside their cages, I didn’t feel at ease because the tour guide told us that there is a possibility that we might get peed on by those tigers, and the smell would be unbearable. Thank God that didn’t happen.

I’m grateful for this chance. I’ve brought my baby to Subic at a low cost, and she was able to experience such quite rare activities.

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