What a day!

I was on the bus already when my colleague told me that classes are suspended from 9AM onwards due to typhoon Egay. Oh my! I need to give a pre-final test to my EK2 students, and I have to give the abstract for our paper to Dr. Guidote. It’s quite disappointing to know about this suspension of classes, but what can I do? The good thing is, faculty can still go inside the campus, so it’s okay. But then, traffic got heavy to the point that the vehicles are not stagnant to their positions! To make it worst, my celphone has no load to make a text message! Since I’m quite near to Makati and JE’s almost done with his work, I’ve decided to walk even if it’s raining. The walking part is not that hard, because the rain is not really strong. Then some men shouted that they’re offering a ride going to MRT for only Php20.00, I decided to give it a try since I’ll be going with six other passengers. During the whole trip, we we’re riding on a wagon type of vehicle which is pushed by two men and called a “trolley”. It’s quite scary because we passed the squatter’s area, plus I didn’t know if the trolley is sturdy enough to bring us safe to our destination. Finally, we got to Magallanes. I didn’t get my change, may be it’s because I’m quite afraid that I’ll be left alone with the men who pushed the trolley…they’re quite scary to look at, believe me! I walked a little more distance to get to the main road, then I rode on a bus. To my dismay, it’s route will not go through the Ayala MRT station, so I have to walk back to Ayala. I feel so stupid for not asking the bus conductor if they’ll pass thru the Ayala station. Anyway, I got to Ayala, and I’ve waited for JE at Landmark. We bought some food and headed back home. Our trip was another 3-hour warming of the butt at the not-so-comfy bus seat. And then finally, we made it to our house! What a day!

The highlight of the day is my new experience which is riding on a trolley. Though it’s fun and made my travel faster, I think I won’t do it again. I’m not really sure about it’s safety, both the vehicle and the men who go with it look not so trustworthy. I thank God that I made it to Magallanes.

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