Astral Dreamy ZOE

I made this photo last month using the Astral Flora brushes from brusheezy.

I got so excited about this set of brushes that I did not think of a better way of using them.

I will practice on this one.

To achieve the coloration used in my photo, please follow these steps (made by luciferous-glow):

1: Make a layer with a black background.
2: Make a new layer that is blank.
3: On this blank layer use the brushes in white.
4: Make a new layer, set the blending mode to Overlay.
5: Using soft round brushes of different sizes and colors, paint into this layer and you will the color show up over the flora brushes on the layer beneath.

To make the colors brighter, duplicate or copy the layer with the bright colors, or set the blending mode to Hard Light.