My 25th Birthday

We we’re planning to go to Tagaytay for my birthday this year. Take some pictures at People’s Park and eat some burgers at Mushroom Burger. Unfortunately, the weather told us that it’s not a good idea to go there. So, we settled for the nearest establishment….Festival, Alabang. There are so many people having Christmas rush. Good thing, we’re done with our Christmas shopping. We first went to Starbucks for a coffee treat, but since I’m pregnant I just had a Chocolate cream frap. Then we had a fulfilling dinner at Giligan’s, wherein we ordered foods that are good for four (that is, including Zach in this count 🙂 ). As expected, we didn’t finish all the food, so we had to bring them home. We always enjoy eating sisig there (the best sisig ever!).

After eating like we have never eaten for one day, we decided to take a stroll at the mall to digest some foods inside our big tummies. Nothing much happened after that, because we just walked and bought a book for Zoe. She’s so cute to look at everytime we go to a bookstore. I’m just glad we introduced her to books at an early age.

Now that I’m 25, I can’t help feeling old. At 25, I will have two children, wow! I have a girl, and I will have a boy on April. I feel so content and happy! Next year, I will be celebrating my 26th birthday with Zach and Zoe by my side, of course my hubby will be there. 🙂