Teachers’ Day 2017

             I was given a surprise by my Grade 11 students earlier today. Yesterday was the celebration of World Teachers’ Day, and I didn’t go to school because I’d like to take a day off from teaching. I know that there will be no celebration of this event in the high school department.
             I was helping my firstborn prepare for the teachers’ day in elementary department, and I felt sad because I know and I can feel that this day will not be a big deal in our campus. So I spent my day at home. I watched “To the Bone”  in Netflix. I also called up Pisay to follow up on my firstborn’s exam permit. Good thing, I had time to call them because the exam date is near and we don’t have a permit yet. 
             Going back to what happened today, I was teary-eyed as I read their heart-felt letter. I didn’t expect this sweet gesture from these students. They even gave a “Best Teacher” award, which was supposed to be a pasalubong from Lloydy when he came back from US. 
             Thank you so much, Syb, Xzia, Lloydy, Jonah, Mary, and Gio!!!!!! You made my day special, and I felt there is more to teaching and that I should stay on this field. But I love the idea of homeschooling my boys more…. Lord, please support my decision to homeschool next year. 

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