Our Tie-dyed Shirts for Learning Links Academy’s Music Recital 2018

It’s Wednesday, and my kiddos need their tie-dyed shirt on Friday. The crammer in me is awoken. I need to finish dyeing their shirts, or else we’ll not have enough time for them to dry.

Loaded up on coffee…as my husband said, “Procaffeinating.”

Finally, I gathered the strength and willpower to start working on it. As always, that’s the hard thing to do. My husband said why should it take time to start on it if I want to do it. Well, there are house chores to do. Good thing, he washed the dishes along with his usual laundry duty. Thank you, Lord, for giving me a husband who’s willing to help me.

I would like to document and write a blog on the steps that I did for future reference.

Here they are.

Step 1: Wash the white shirt with detergent and water. Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water.

Step 2: Lay it on a flat surface.


Step 3: Twirl it at the middle using your fingers until you form a circular bun.

Step 4: Put a rubber band. In my case, I did it vertically. You may do it horizontally.  

Step 5: Then put another rubber band in a perpendicular direction.

Step 6: Put the third rubber band in a way that you form a pattern similar to a pizza.

Step 7: Prepare the dyes. Dilute them according to the instructions.

In my case, I was able to buy Venus red and green fast dyes. We call it “jobus” here in the Philippines. I bought each of them for only fives pesos in the Carmona marketplace. Talk about cheap, huh?

Step 8: After placing my dyes in a squeeze bottle, I placed my twirled shirt in a plastic basin. You may use a metal rack if you have one. (I was afraid there’s no squeeze bottle in the house because I gave them away last year. Thankfully, I remembered that I have salinase drops, and those are the ones I used.)  

Step 9: I put my dyes alternately, red-green-red, until I cover the entire top part.

Step 10: I turned the twirled bun over to put dyes at the other side.

Charaaaann!!! Here’s my completely colored twirled bun! 🙂

Then I covered it with plastic wrap for 6 hours.

When Number Three woke up, I asked him to hold it up for the camera.
My husband will wash it again later, and he’ll let it dry to be ready for tomorrow, Friday, for Learning Links Academy‘s Music Recital 2018.
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for your guidance on this project. 🙂

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