Big Revision and Poster Presentation

Just this morning, I received an email from my potential sideline. From my blog yesterday, I shared you how I was relieved by not receiving any message from them telling me that there are revisions. Today, I feel so down because of that email. It’s not just a small revision, it happened to be a big revision. The client did not like my work! That is the downside of this job, you will not stop until the client is very satisfied with your work. Good thing, there is no money investment in this. Well, if there is, I think I’d be doubly disappointed.

Anyway, we just had our poster presentation. Nobody asked me a question. They’re just not interested in my work. Sad, huh?! Well, that is quite expected. Most of the research works are fully finished; mine is only 1/3 done. What do you expect? I just submitted a poster since my adviser asked me to, and I also wanted to make the most of this convention. I would say that attending this Chem Congress is very worthwhile. I know that I will not win the poster competition, but I have learned so much about what are the typical questions asked by judges and what kind of presentation they expect in a poster. Shown with this entry is a picture of me and my poster on the second day of the Chem Congress.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the congress. I had fun. I know that I will attend the next convention if the venue is also near. I’m just glad I gave it a shot.