The 22nd Philippine Chemistry Congress

We just had the opening day of the 22nd Philippine Chemistry Congress at DAP Convention Center in Tagaytay. Several chemists gathered to share their research works and other projects in Chemistry. This is my first time to attend a Chem Congress. I would say that it’s fun. It makes me feel like a true chemist 🙂 This convention will finish on Friday (April 13).

The second day (April 12) will be the time for poster presentations… and this is where I come in the picture. How did I get in to this? I don’t know (just joking!). Well, my thesis adviser wanted me to present our work in biodiesel, even though I’m not fully done with this research. Anyway, I agreed, because I have not attended a Chem Congress before. Since the place is quite near to our house (as compared to venues of past Chem Congress, this one is much, much nearer!), I said that I’m up to it. Back to the poster presentation, I would say that I’m nervous about it. I haven’t reviewed our paper yet. Oh my god! I should start right now, the presentation is just a few hours away!

But before I go to that, I just want to mention that the thing I’ve discussed in my previous blog is quite okay now. They have not emailed the article back to me, so that means there are no revisions. Plus, I’ve got three more assignments (quite a lot huh??). Now, I’m wondering how am I supposed to finish them when I’m busy with Chem Congress, and I’ve got a final exam on Saturday?! Hmm…I suppose I should get going and do these urgent things.

Before I close this entry, I want to show you a picture of me with my friends at the lobby of DAP. Just take a look at the picture on the right side, and you would see a girl in black top, that’s me!