Milk shakes, Fish balls and a Bad News

I had a wonderful day with JE and Zoe today. We did our laundry today, and we had mango shake and fish balls for afternoon snack. We lay down on the floor while watching cartoons. All we did were to eat and watch TV… in short, we’re bums today. What a funny way of putting it. This is how we spend quality time with Zoe when we don’t want to go out because we have no money. We don’t have money either because we’re saving for something or because we don’t have extra cash to spend on eating at fancy restaurants and making a trip to the mall. My husband is a fan of the idea of staying at home, eating and catching up on favorite TV series. Well, I’d say I’m becoming more used to it, and I’m starting to love it, too.

Just after we had our afternoon snack, my mother sent me a text message, informing me that my cousin had an accident
and didn’t survive the tragedy. I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to say. We were just exchanging text messages a few days ago just after Mother’s day. I didn’t expect that would be my last conversation with her. I love this girl. She was the one whom I’d look for every time I went to Batangas during my childhood years even up to my teenage years. I’d ask permission to sleep at their house and chat with her all night long. She lent me all the toys and nice stuffs that she had. When she became a mom, she even asked me to be her son’s godmother. I’m really surprised and saddened by her too-soon death. If I’ve known that I’ll never see her again, I should have told her about my gratitude for those wonderful memories we had during our early years. But I was not able to tell her that, I’m just hoping she’ll hear my prayers. Thank you for being a great cousin to me. I promise to be good to your son. May you find peace in God’s love in the eternal life.