Running errands with a baby in tow

It had been a busy day. I went to the bank then I headed to a print shop to have my poster for the Chem Congress made, and then I went to Mr. Quickie to have my shoes’ soles changed. Well, if you will look at it, I did only three major things. I just feel that it’s a very busy day, for it is not my normal day wherein I go to school either for my MS class or for my teaching load. Plus, I did all of today’s chores with my baby Zoe.

Since Zoe had been good and a good companion, I decided that we should eat at McDonald’s for lunch so that she can play in the kid’s place.

I would say that she also enjoyed our trip to several places, for they were all new to her and she had a great time at McDo.

When I was reflecting on the things that happened today, I felt that I was like a stay-at-home mom running errands with a baby in tow. It was a nice experience for me. Zoe had been a good and sweet girl. She kept on hugging me. Oh, it feels good to be appreciated. From her actions, I can tell that she also had a not-so-ordinary day. I just love being a mommy to Daryl Zoe.