Waiting for your reply….

I just finished the reflective essay for one of my potential sidelines. “Potential” is the term that I prefer to use for this, because I am just starting and I don’t know yet if I’m gonna earn extra money from this one. I found it hard to choose a topic for this essay, because your chosen topic should contain several experiences you had in the past. Since this is not my essay, I should be careful with what I will place in the content (I am sort of a ghost writer here..). I finally managed to choose a topic; I chose loss. My choices include responsibility, aging, character and loss, but when I have to pick one, I picked loss. Why? Because for this one, I can write my own experiences, such as loss of a friend or a friend of mine lost her sibling. I don’t know if the client lost one of his relatives already, so I can not assume that’s the case. It’s better to be safe.

Well, I don’t know if they’ll pay me for this job, or if I did the assignment well. My contact is on a vacation trip to their province, and she has not seen my essay yet. I just wish they’d like my work, so that they’ll give me another assignment. This is a fun job, I just realized. Oh well, wish me luck!