The Bubuts’ Swim

Today was the second day of cancellation of classes due to Typhoons Lannie and Maring. It was sunny as compared to yesterday’s weather. The continuous rain yesterday caused the heavy floods in Manila and other cities where flood usually results from non-stop rain.
Since it was sunny around lunchtime on this Wednesday, I decided to ask the Bubuts if they’d like to go for a swim. Of course they said yes! So to the pool we go. I told them that they’d swim for an hour only because we have to eat lunch right after that. I baked lasagna, by the way, but some parts burned because we didn’t have a foil to cover it and I baked it for 40 minutes. 
Teacher Matu and Mateo dropped by while we were in the pool. We chatted for a while, and then they said goodbye because they need to go to Paseo Sta. Rosa to pay thru LBC.
The bubuts had a great time even if it’s just for an hour. Then we had lunch, and I prayed for the victims of the two typhoons. I guess I felt a little guilty for enjoying the day with the bubuts while some people are having a hard time dealing with the challenging weather. Thank you, Lord, for this day, and please help all the people who were experiencing heavy rains, strong winds, and disturbing levels of floods.