My first certain decision for this year

I am scheduled for an interview at De La Salle Canlubang today. A girl from DLSC sent me a text message last Friday regarding my interview. I thought that I want to come, so I asked her to move it since I have an afternoon class today. But then, I decided not to go tomorrow (she moved it to Tuesday). I’ve sent her an email about my application withdrawal.

I am certain about this decision.

Why only now have I done this trick?!

JE’s so exhausted from yesterday’s trip. He was not able to wake up early for his work, so he just declared it a half day work.

My day is fine, nothing grand happened today. I’ve discovered one thing in my job though. That is, I can finish the papers to be checked while the students are doing their experiment. That way, I will not have any papers to bring home. 🙂

Should I try this tutorial job? It’s really far from our place……

I’ve sent an email to ACTS today. It contains my explanation on why I did not make it to the scheduled exam and interview yesterday. I got a reply after a few hours. They still want me to try the job. The managing director is telling me that this thing is for the summer and since I will not have teaching load during this time, this job will help me to get through summer financially. Should I try it? Hmmm….