The infection my baby got from eating ice cream

My baby got sore tonsils last week. I got sick, too, due to lack of enough sleep and stressful school work. Days before she had fever, I brought home some ice cream and ice candies…knowing that she’s expecting some. What I didn’t see coming is this attack on her tonsils. Because she’s not used to cold foods and drinks, once she eats ice cream or the like, she’ll get sick after a day or two. I thought she had outgrown that part, but I was wrong, she has not.

What I learned from this experience is that I should take it slow in letting her eat ice cream and other enjoyable cold treats. Since I’m not giving her such foods before, her system is not used to eating them, and she needs a gradual introduction of them into her body. Noted!

Yesterday, we went to her pediatrician for a check up. Since she doesn’t have fever anymore, only a cough with phlegm, the doctor just gave her Ventolin Expectorant to remove the phlegm. I wish the medicine would take effect right away, so she won’t suffer coughing anymore. It’s disturbing her peaceful sleep.

Today is another Monday, start of a week of work. I just hope everything will go well this week. The Finals week is coming, and this week will be our last meeting for both of my classes. What a fast-paced university life!

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