Zoe looks like Rory!

JE and I are playing with the celebrity look-alikes of our pictures earlier this evening. We tried one of Zoe’s pics. To our surprise, one of the results is a picture of Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls! I am a great fan of this series. I remember the days of my pregnancy. I always ask my husband to watch an episode with me, and that happened every night before we go to sleep. I would say that habit had some effect on Zoe. When she’s 5 months old (I think), we started to watch our Gilmore Girls collection again. Since Zoe is familiar with the song of GG, she’d always move her head towards the direction of the TV, as if she’s heard something very familiar to her. Now, that she’s two years old, she has advanced to the next level, she’s dancing and singing the GG song when we are watching an episode. When I saw Alexis Bledel’s picture as one of the matches of Zoe’s face, I was extremely delighted, because Zoe looks like Rory!

The infection my baby got from eating ice cream

My baby got sore tonsils last week. I got sick, too, due to lack of enough sleep and stressful school work. Days before she had fever, I brought home some ice cream and ice candies…knowing that she’s expecting some. What I didn’t see coming is this attack on her tonsils. Because she’s not used to cold foods and drinks, once she eats ice cream or the like, she’ll get sick after a day or two. I thought she had outgrown that part, but I was wrong, she has not.

What I learned from this experience is that I should take it slow in letting her eat ice cream and other enjoyable cold treats. Since I’m not giving her such foods before, her system is not used to eating them, and she needs a gradual introduction of them into her body. Noted!

Yesterday, we went to her pediatrician for a check up. Since she doesn’t have fever anymore, only a cough with phlegm, the doctor just gave her Ventolin Expectorant to remove the phlegm. I wish the medicine would take effect right away, so she won’t suffer coughing anymore. It’s disturbing her peaceful sleep.

Today is another Monday, start of a week of work. I just hope everything will go well this week. The Finals week is coming, and this week will be our last meeting for both of my classes. What a fast-paced university life!

Zoe’s Date of Birth

I’m 23 years old and I have a two year-old baby already! Zoe just turned two last Tuesday, Feb. 13. JE and I didn’t go to work that day to be with Zoe the whole day. We went to Mall of Asia, because we haven’t been there since the opening day. It’s so big! Gigantic mall! We ate pizza together, and later on, we bought petite ice creams for Zoe (Thumbs up). To see more of the unforgettable moments, just visit this link: jelontok.vox.com

Zoe’s Birthday Party

Zoe will turn 2 years old tomorrow, Feb. 13, but we decided to have the party on the eleventh (yesterday). Last year, we celebrated the party at McDonald’s, but the second birthday party was held at our place (it’s much cheaper).

It went okay. Most of her cousins in the neighborhood are present. Zoe was obviously happy, for she kept on jumping and smiling. Last year, she was so grumpy, because she didn’t take her morning nap. She didn’t even have a picture wherein she’s smiling. But this year, she didn’t take a nap, yet she’s still active and ready to party. She’s really growing, and that’s happening really fast. I feel happy, for I am seeing all her development and growth. There’s nothing greater than being a mom to a super cute and sweet baby.

My family day at Enchanted Kingdom

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to go to Enchanted Kingdom (EK) at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. My brother who went home from Dubai was the financier, so we did not worry about the money. Actually, we had planned to go there for almost two times – July and December of last year. I think it is just fate that those plans did not push through. I have thought of two reasons for that. First, because we can go there when the right opportunity comes, such as last Sunday — we didn’t need to spend that big money for the entrance. Second, we wouldn’t enjoy the experience if we would go there without any relative. Originally, we planned to visit the place, just the three of us. But last Sunday, I realized that it was more fun to have a relative to take care of Zoe while JE and I are checking some of the rides that are definitely not for kids, such as roller coaster and up, up and away. I am so thankful for the opporunity; it’s quite tiring, but lots of fun goes with this experience, especially when I saw the pretty smile on my baby’s face that was brought by this magical day at EK.