How to start doing MODERN CALLIGRAPHY

Calligraphy, one of the things that people want to try but don’t know where to start. I know that feeling, I’ve been in that position before I started doing calligraphy. Well, thanks to the advices of a friend who knew how to do calligraphy, I was able to start doing it. And just like my friend, I have written this article in hopes that you will be able to start doing calligraphy too.

Step 1: Choosing a good brush pen (Or if you want, you can start with a nib.)

Yep, choosing a brush pen is step one. I mean, you can’t do calligraphy without a brush pen. First decide if you want a brush pen with natural hair, synthetic hair, or a felt brush pen. I would advice you to start with a felt brush pen, since it is easier to use than the other two options. Next, choose if you want a brush pen that is firm, medium, or soft. Again, I would advice you to start with a firm brush pen since it produces predictable strokes. But if you want to start with a more flexible brush pen, then a medium brush pen would be fine.

Step 2: Practice your Stroke

Upward stroke = thin lines, downward strokes = thick lines. Modern calligraphy is just applying a differentiation of line thickness on cursive writing. Before moving on to the alphabet, you must first practice your thin and thick strokes, along with your curved lines

Step 3: Practice calligraphy with the alphabet

Okay, we’re finally on this step. It’s kinda simple, but tricky. But I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. Practice the cursive alphabet, but apply the differentiation of the line thickness. I suggest you use a 1st grader writing pad.  Keep on practicing until you get it right. Practice both the capital and lower case letters. Don’t stop practicing until you’re satisfied with your work. You can do it!

Step 4: Practice writing words

Yep, you’ve done it. You’ve learned how apply calligraphy on the alphabet. Now, you have to practice with words.

First, practice with short words like “fun”. Keep on practicing until you get the hang of it.

Then, practice with longer words similar to “create”. Keep on practicing, practice and practice. Your hardwork will pay off, trust me.

Well, that’s it!

You can probably take over from here. Experiment! Try using nibs or markers! You could also try out faux (fake) calligraphy, where you can do calligraphy with a normal pen.

No matter how good you think you are, keep on improving your techniques and try out new things! You can apply shading or blending of colors. There are unlimited possibilities, so go on—-explore!

I hope this article was able to help you throughout your experimentation with calligraphy. And remember, don’t be afraid to try out new things, you might find happiness in new things.

(Written by: Ate Bubut)

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