My Music Journey

My music teacher once told my class, “music will always be at one’s side when one needs it.” I have always believed that saying, maybe because music has always been at my side since day one of my journey.

With trembling legs I walked to the stage. It was finally happening, I had done it. I graduated from prep. As soon as I received my certificates and sat down, I skimmed through the certificates I received. “Music Award?” I wondered aloud as I held up the certificate. I didn’t know I had potential in music, so I was genuinely suprised by that certificate. I was seven.

With blood rushing to my face, I stood at the stage, holding my recorder flute. I was finally there, my first music recital. As the first notes began to play, I suddenly felt confident on playing. It was absolutely wonderful; my fingers dancing, bouncing playfully. I could never forget that moment. I was seven.

Sweat trickling down my neck, I stood yet again on another stage- the GSIS theatre stage. This time, I performed as a main character in the musical play “The Sound of Music”. I was so pressured, I could have ruined the whole play by missing the high notes. But, I didn’t. The spotlight was on me, and I didn’t mess up. “So this is what it feels like to perform in a theatre,” I thought. I was already thirteen.

With tears streaming down my face, we presented our graduation song, dedicated to everyone there. I had made a fool out of myself by crying but I didn’t care. This was it, we’ve done it. We’ve graduated, and music is still at my side. “My goodness, music is amazing,” I thought.

With trembling legs I walked to the stage and sat on my seat. In the moment, I felt like I was seven years old again, confidence gone. We were in Thailand, having a concert in SJMIS, and I was in the middle seat. I was the second youngest there in our group, Syned√®von Mousik√≥s. As the percussion started, I felt all my worries vanish. I started to play the Sop Sax. There I was again, fingers bouncing on the keys, dancing along the notes. I was ecstatic. “Music is still at my side, even now.” I thought. It was March 28, 2019, and I was at the top of my game.

I’m thankful that I was introduced to music at such a young age. Music was my friend that was always there when others were not. Throughout this journey, I learned that one will face challenges just to continue doing what they love. One should continue to fight for their dreams, even if it seems that you have no hope, just like when I was seven.

There is always hope.


(Featured Picture taken in Thailand on March 29, 2019.)

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