Online Schooling

So recently, after being pulled out of Pisay, I’ve been enrolled in an online schooling program by Learning Links Academy. At least until the school year ends, that is.

“How’s online schooling,” a person might ask and I would say the usual. “It’s great,” or “It’s fun,” and other similar phrases. But what people don’t know is that it is really hard to follow your personal schedule or staying productive! (Especially when you have Netflix.) So you really have to be disciplined to be enrolled in online schooling or you won’t get much done.

Okay, so I have 3 classes taught by my online teachers: English, Math, and Science. These 3 classes I take in the same day, which is Tuesday. And I have 2 classes which are self-taught: Filipino and Social Studies, but don’t worry! LLA gives me a curriculum guide and some online books. The classes that I take are fun and informative, and I really like the approach of my online teachers.

In my online classes, I have classmates. For the classes, we use an app called “Zoom”. I love my discussions with my online classmates, they are really open-minded people and they have lots of good ideas. I really learn a lot of new information from them.

Online Schooling is a whole new experience for me. Yes, sometimes it’s scary when you’re facing something new (like online schooling). But from what I’ve learned from this new arrangement, trying something new has so many perks. Like meeting new people, having fun while learning, and it might even open new doors that lead to endless opportunities!

I’m really thankful that God gave me this new opportunity.

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