“My Motherland”

(A poem I wrote for English 2 when I was still in Pisay)

Philippines, my motherland

I’ve always loved you,

The sweet melodies that speak for you,

Singing of bravery and love

Yet, the unsung songs of war and suffering are beginning to unravel,

Showing the true nature of the apple of you tree


Once a land of freedom and chivalry,

Lost when the people of the west came one by one

Datus, taken down by the bite of the sword and the cross,

The cries of the lost children echoing in the silent night


Philippines, cries were as loud as the booming thunder,

Which became louder as the mighty knight who represents you was exiled,

A man whom I idolized, shot by his countrymen,

But your saddened cries were replaced with hopeful cheers

As you saw Bonifacio uniting your people under multiple flags,

Flags that soon become one


It seemed like the Lady of Justice was finally upon us,

But people of the west and east kept coming,

But my mother, my dear mother,

Do not worry, for we won in the end


Philippines, thy mother,

Are you pleased with your children?

Whom, over time have become so full of hate and vengeance?

Answer me, please thy mother,

Are you succumbing to the pressure?


Mother, please forgive us,

For we have sinned.

(Featured Picture taken in Bangkong Kahoy in 2019.)

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