My desperate need for Home-based jobs

I haven’t write a post for almost 5 days now. It’s because everytime I sat in front of our computer, my hand keeps on clicking the mouse and looking for home-based jobs in google. My extra time was spent on this for the past days.

Well, I saw so many ads looking for typists, encoders, telecommuters, but almost 90% of them are asking for money. They’re saying that they need the money for the software and for programs needed to start the typing job. A first , I became interested. But after learning that most of them are scams, i’ve learned to close the window when I saw money involved.

You might ask, why look for a home-based job if I am currently employed by DLSU. The answer is I feel that I need to help my husband in our financial needs. As I am currently taking my MS degree, I am not earning that much, for I am a part time instructor only. The other reason is I would like to take advantage of the availability of our internet connection. I am starting to like the internet.

This morning, while surfing the net and continuing my search for those work from home jobs, I ran across Alfa Mercado’s blog. She’s also a Filipina, and she’s one of those internet savvy people who are fond of blogging. She has posted articles on different home-based jobs, and I am really glad I have found her site. Her posts are very helpful and informative. Thanks Alfa!

That’s it for now. I still need to fix my things for school this afternoon. Today is the start of classes for the third term of school year 2006-2007 at DLSU-Manila. I hope everything will run smoothly for me.