Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd National Workshop of ARRPET. This workshop was organized by the Chemical Engineering Dept. of DLSU-Manila. Since I have an elective course under one of the department’s professors, I was required to attend the said event. I would say that the time I’ve spent there was very worthy. I had the chance to meet several professionals who are doing research works on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). By the way, most of them are chemical engineers and 90% of them have their PhDs. Isn’t that amazing? Plus, I have learned so many things about these POPs, and knowing about their existence and what they can do, can be really frightening. Another thing that’s great about this workshop is the free food and free entrance. I would tell you, the food is really yummy! Plus, the hotel (Angelo King hotel of DLSU-Benilde) is really elegant and cosy! I’m glad I’ve forced myself to go there, because at first, I really didn’t want to attend, but since it’s free and the place is near my school, why not?

Let’s discuss these POPs. According to the Stockholm Convention,

“Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are chemical substances that persist in the environment, bioaccumulate through the food web, and pose a risk of causing adverse effects to human health and the environment. With the evidence of long-range transport of these substances to regions where they have never been used or produced and the consequent threats they pose to the environment of the whole globe, the international community has now, at several occasions called for urgent global actions to reduce and eliminate releases of these chemicals.”

It’s scary, right? Most of these POPs are used in pesticides, and if these pesticides are not yet banned in our country, if they’re still being used, there is a big risk posed in every Filipino’s health. Actually, this is not only for Filipinos, but for the rest of humanity.

In my next entries, I’d be discussing more about these POPs and the Dirty Dozen as labeled by the Stockholm Convention. If you have the time, please make some entries on POPs, too. It’s really scary, especially when I think of my baby, who will grow up to be surrounded by these POPs. Common, help me in disseminating information on POPs, may be in this simple way, we can help our generation and the future generation to live longer lives.

My desperate need for Home-based jobs

I haven’t write a post for almost 5 days now. It’s because everytime I sat in front of our computer, my hand keeps on clicking the mouse and looking for home-based jobs in google. My extra time was spent on this for the past days.

Well, I saw so many ads looking for typists, encoders, telecommuters, but almost 90% of them are asking for money. They’re saying that they need the money for the software and for programs needed to start the typing job. A first , I became interested. But after learning that most of them are scams, i’ve learned to close the window when I saw money involved.

You might ask, why look for a home-based job if I am currently employed by DLSU. The answer is I feel that I need to help my husband in our financial needs. As I am currently taking my MS degree, I am not earning that much, for I am a part time instructor only. The other reason is I would like to take advantage of the availability of our internet connection. I am starting to like the internet.

This morning, while surfing the net and continuing my search for those work from home jobs, I ran across Alfa Mercado’s blog. She’s also a Filipina, and she’s one of those internet savvy people who are fond of blogging. She has posted articles on different home-based jobs, and I am really glad I have found her site. Her posts are very helpful and informative. Thanks Alfa!

That’s it for now. I still need to fix my things for school this afternoon. Today is the start of classes for the third term of school year 2006-2007 at DLSU-Manila. I hope everything will run smoothly for me.

SFI and Gery Carson: Are they for real?

Yesterday, I woke up early because I have a laboratory meeting at DLSU. I checked my mail before taking a bath. I saw another email from the “SFI Marketing Group”. It says in that email that I have now 15816 affiliates under me. How did that happen?!

Two weeks ago, I was searching the net for some jobs online that I can do to have some extra income. I came across this group: SFI Marketing Group (you can google the name, I can not make a link, I dunno why). After doing the registration for free, I have received so many email messages from the said group, telling me that I should advance to Executive Affiliate (EA) position. Yesterday, their message contains the 15k+ affiliates listed under my account, and they were telling me that I should advance to EA position to start getting the commissions from my affiliates. After seeing the number of my affiliates, I became interested in their company. I started viewing the page on how to advance to EA position, and then I saw that to do that, I need to buy their products or sell their products. I saw one product that I can sell to give me 10 Sales Volume Points (SVP). When I have these 10 SVP already, I will become an EA (that’s what they have said). At that time, I was so impressed with how their system works, and how they’re so organized. They even have pics of their products, staff, office and warehouse. I thought that was quite amazing. I even told this to my husband, I told him that I want to try this online business.

This morning, I have checked the site again, and I try to google every name related to SFI: Gery Carson, SFI Marketing Group, Carson Services. The first few pages showed positive results for the group, but I have found some forums and blogs stating that SFI is a BIG SCAM! I suddenly gained my consciousness, I do not need to pay attention to this SFI group. May be it is true that they will send you pay checks as your commission from your sales and that of your affiliates, but that may be true for the first few months. I haven’t given them any money yet (thank God!), but just by doing some research on them and analyzing how their system works, I am convinced that SFI and Gery Carson will not help me earn more money.

I am looking for some jobs on the internet, because I need extra cash for my tuition (I am currently taking my MS degree at DLSU-Manila). I am also teaching there as a part time laboratory instructor, so for the past terms, my tuition fee was free. But for this new term, there are some subjects that I need to pay on my own (one subject that I need to re-take and unfinished thesis). I got really interested in this SFI thing, but I am glad that I didn’t give away that $35.

Lesson from this experience:
Before you jump into a new situation, do some research and think it over and over again.

May this experience of mine help those who are thinking of joining Gery Carson and his buddies.