Zoe looks like Rory!

JE and I are playing with the celebrity look-alikes of our pictures earlier this evening. We tried one of Zoe’s pics. To our surprise, one of the results is a picture of Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls! I am a great fan of this series. I remember the days of my pregnancy. I always ask my husband to watch an episode with me, and that happened every night before we go to sleep. I would say that habit had some effect on Zoe. When she’s 5 months old (I think), we started to watch our Gilmore Girls collection again. Since Zoe is familiar with the song of GG, she’d always move her head towards the direction of the TV, as if she’s heard something very familiar to her. Now, that she’s two years old, she has advanced to the next level, she’s dancing and singing the GG song when we are watching an episode. When I saw Alexis Bledel’s picture as one of the matches of Zoe’s face, I was extremely delighted, because Zoe looks like Rory!